Julia Bernd


International Computer Science Institute

UC Berkeley

Julia Bernd received her MA in Linguistics from Stanford University in 2002, and has since then applied her academic training to practical causes by working on a wide variety of social-science and public-health research projects around the Bay Area. She is currently the Project Manager/Content Manager for the Teaching Privacy project at ICSI, and led a related project to create content for San Jose Public Library’s Virtual Privacy Lab. She is also involved in corpus development for multimedia research -- where she can both contribute to open-access data resources and find good excuses to think about category theory. Julia came to ICSI to work on the research and evaluation team for California Connects, a statewide digital-literacy project. In addition to research work, she has long been involved in grassroots progressive activism, and is currently on the Board of Directors of Peninsula Peace and Justice Center in Palo Alto.

Contact Info:

Email: jbernd@icsi.berkeley.edu