April 6, 2022

Data Scraping for Research Purposes

On March 31, 2022, CLTC convened a panel discussion focused on the use of data scraping for research purposes. Among the questions considered: to what extent should researchers be allowed to “scrape” (i.e., export) data from platforms on which users post data that is left open to the public? What governance mechanisms could protect researchers and privacy? How might data scraping be handled differently in different contexts?

March 22, 2022

Cyber Incidents: Insights from Global Leaders in Breach Response

On March 15, 2022, CLTC hosted a panel of industry insiders offering a peek under the hood on breaches and how organizations respond to them, with a focus on how the “state of the art” for incident response is evolving, and what breach notification regulations on the horizon will mean for organizations.

November 27, 2018

CLTC Welcomes Kristen Eichensehr for Seminar on “Digital Switzerlands”

In recent years, tech giants like Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft have gained power on par with that of many governments. Should global tech companies be allegiant to the interests of the nations where they operate, or should they remain neutral? If there is value in the companies acting as…

August 16, 2018

RSVP for “Habeas Data”: Panel Discussion with Cyrus Farivar, 8/30, 5:30pm

Whether through your phone, car, or credit card, caught on a CCTV camera or tracked through your online viewing history, government agencies know where you are, and are quietly collecting your most intimate, mundane, and personal information. Is this even legal? Please join us on Thursday, August 30 from 5:30-7pm…

April 13, 2018

RSVP for 4/26 Seminar with Doug Tygar, “Adversarial Machine Learning”

Thursday, 4/26, 12-1pm Adversarial Machine Learning Please join us on Thursday, April 26 at 12pm for the third and final event in the CLTC Spring 2018 Seminar Series. This seminar will feature Doug Tygar, Professor of Computer Science and Professor of Information Management at UC Berkeley. A light lunch will…

March 26, 2018

Video: Juliana Schroeder, “Mistaking Minds and Machines”

On Thursday, March 22 at 12pm, the Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity was honored to host Juliana Schroeder, Assistant Professor in UC Berkeley’s Haas Management of Organizations Group, for the second event in our Spring 2018 Seminar Series. Schroeder’s presentation, “Mistaking Minds and Machines: How Cues in Language Affect Evaluations of…

March 20, 2018

Q&A with Juliana Schroeder: On Humans, Machines, and Trust

On Thursday, March 22 at 12pm, the Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity will host the second event in our Spring 2018 Seminar Series. This presentation will feature Juliana Schroeder, Assistant Professor in UC Berkeley’s Haas Management of Organizations Group. RSVP here to attend this event, which will be held on South…

March 14, 2018

RSVP: CLTC Lunch Seminar with Juliana Schroeder, 3/22, 12pm

Thursday, 3/22, 12-1pm Mistaking Minds and Machines: How Speech Affects Dehumanization and Anthropomorphism Juliana Schroeder, Assistant Professor, Haas Management of Organizations Group Treating a human mind like a machine is an essential component of dehumanization, whereas attributing a humanlike mind to a machine is an essential component of anthropomorphism. Please…

March 2, 2018

RSVP for March 8 Seminar on Policing, Surveillance, and Big Data

Please join us on March 8 at 12pm as we kick off our 2018 Spring Seminar Series with a conversation between two scholars discussing surveillance, policing, and civil liberties in the age of “big data.” In his talk, “The Rise of Big Data Policing,” Andrew Guthrie Ferguson will focus on…

February 22, 2018

CLTC Announces 2018 Spring Seminar Series

The Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity is pleased to announce our 2018 Spring Seminar Series. We are honored to welcome four distinguished speakers from the UC Berkeley community and beyond. On March 8, Catherine Crump, Assistant Clinical Professor of Law and Director of the Samuelson Law, Technology & Public Policy Clinic, and…