Event Recap / February 2016

VIDEO: Dr. Vinton Cerf, “Safety, Security, and Privacy in the Internet”


On February 9, 2016, the UC Berkeley Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity, together with the Berkeley Center for Law, Business and the Economy, hosted Dr. Vinton G. Cerf, Chief Internet Evangelist for Google and one of the founders of the Internet, for a presentation and interactive discussion at Boalt Hall, at the School of Law.

In a far-reaching discussion, Cerf described the early evolution of the Internet, and touched upon current and emerging issues related to cybersecurity, including encryption, privacy, the “Internet of Things,” and the potential for a “digital dark age,” in which human history fails to be adequately preserved in plastic devices and chips.

Vint Cerf has served as Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist for Google since October 2005. In this role, he contributes to global policy development and continued standardization and spread of the Internet. He is also an active public face for Google in the Internet world. Cerf previously played a key role leading the development of Internet and Internet-related packet data transport and security technologies, including the TCP/IP protocols upon which the Internet is based. To see a longer biography of Vint Cerf, please see the event page.