Event Recap / May 2020

“Perspectives on digital security policy in the time of Covid-19” with Amit Elazari and Cristin Goodwin

On Wednesday, May 13, CLTC hosted a virtual event titled, “Perspectives on digital security policy in the time of Covid-19.” The event featured Amit Elazari, Director, Global Security Policy at Intel Corporation and Cristin Goodwin, Assistant General Counsel for Cybersecurity and Digital Trust at Microsoft, for a conversation on recent trends in the landscape of international digital security policy amid Covid-19.

The pair discussed how the attack landscape is evolving, how governments and policymakers are responding to these rapid changes from a cybersecurity policy, legal, and regulatory lens, as well as how the global pandemic crisis impacts the (immediate and longer-term) horizons of the global security law and policy landscape. Elazari and Goodwin accepted pre-submitted and live audience questions before giving their closing thoughts.

A recording of the virtual discussion is now availabile here.


Dr. Amit Elazari

Dr. Amit Elazari is Director, Global Cybersecurity Policy at Intel and a Lecturer at UC Berkeley School of Information Master in Cybersecurity (MICS) program. She earned her Doctor of Science of the Law (J.S.D.) from UC Berkeley’s School of Law. During her time at UC Berkeley, Elazari pursued a variety of CLTC-funded research initiatives. Among her projects, she created a standardized set of form-contracts for crowdsourced security programs (bug bounties, frameworks under which entities offer financial rewards for external security researchers ethically disclosing vulnerabilities to the entity), fostering legal safe-harbor and computer crime protections for ethical hackers. Her research has been widely adopted in industry including by DropBox, Mozilla, and Tesla, among others. Dr. Elazari is a member of CLTC’s External Advisory Committee.

Cristin Flynn Goodwin

Cristin Flynn Goodwin is the Assistant General Counsel for Customer Security and Trust at Microsoft. Goodwin runs the Digital Security Unit, which oversees Microsoft’s efforts to use legal, technical, and operational means to disrupt nation state attacks, as well as global cybersecurity law and compliance; election law and legal support for Microsoft’s Defending Democracy initiatives; Microsoft’s legal work for the Government Security Program for information sharing and assurance with governments around the world and advanced cybersecurity counsel on nation state and advanced actor activity. While she now specializes in adversary and nation state incidents, Cristin spent many years as Microsoft’s lead counsel for the Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC). She also provides counsel to the Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center (MSTIC) on advanced security and operational issues.