Amit Elazari

Director of Global Cybersecurity Policy, Intel

Dr. Amit Elazari is Director of Global Cybersecurity Policy at Intel and lecturer for the UC Berkeley School of Information Master in Cybersecurity program. Her extensive research covers privacy, security, cyber law, copyright, patents and private ordering in intellectual property and has been published in leading journals, popular press, including The New York Times, The Washington Post and Wall Street Journal. She has also presented at top security and Intellectual Property conferences including RSA, BlackHat, USENIX Enigma, USENIX Security, DEF CON (CPV, IoT Village, Skytalks, BsidesSF, BsidesLV.  

She graduated with her JSD  from UC Berkeley School of Law and is the first Israeli LL.M. graduate to be admitted to the doctoral program at Berkeley or any other top U.S. doctoral program in law on a direct-track basis. Her dissertation analyzed the privatization of intellectual property with the rise of the IP boilerplate in the Information Age. During her time at Berkeley, she was a CLTC (Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity) Grantee and a member of the Algorithmic Fairness and Opacity Working Group. She continued her research as a CTSP Fellow in 2017, investigating average user awareness, understanding, and expectations of modern licensing terms and their decision to upload their copyrighted work is impacted.