Jeremy Gordon


Jeremy is a PhD student at Berkeley’s School of Information where he conducts research at the BioSENSE lab. He is a computational cognitive scientist aiming to investigate the role of embodied mental simulation, imagination, and prospection as part of decision-making processes across multiple timescales. He uses emerging technologies like virtual reality and biosensing devices to understand how people develop and use internal models of the world in support of exploration and planning. He also hopes his work may lend insight into critical ethical questions about the use and privacy implications of such technologies. Jeremy is also a full stack developer and product designer, and has extensive experience working with NGOs, social enterprises and government agencies in emerging markets. Before returning to the academic world, Jeremy was based in Nairobi where he founded Echo Mobile, a mobile messaging platform allowing businesses and organizations to communicate with and better understand the people they work with.

CLTC Grant Projects

  • Leveraging the communicative, social and health benefits of drumming in early childhood (2021)

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