Event Recap / February 2017

VIDEO: CLTC Hosts Privacy Lab Meeting

On February 21, the Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity was honored to host a meeting of Privacy Lab, a regular meetup for privacy-minded people to foster communication and collaboration. Privacy Lab has a goal to bring together people who work in the privacy space from different perspectives—including policy people, techies, activists, and academics at big companies, startups, universities, libraries, NGO’s, foundations, civil society and more—who would otherwise not likely have opportunities to engage in dialogue.

Following an introduction by Executive Director Betsy Cooper, Richmond Wong, a Ph.D. student in the UC Berkeley School of Information, presented the Cybersecurity Futures 2020 report, which details five scenarios for what cybersecurity may look like in 2020, extrapolating from technological, social, and political forces that are already shaping our world today.

In addition, several CLTC grantees presented overviews of their research, including Laurin Weissinger, a Visiting Scholar who studies cyber risk; Elaine Sedenberg, who studies policies and laws related to responsible information sharing; Sadia Afroz, who works at the International Computer Science Institute and researches the application of machine learning to prevent cyber crime and malware; Serge Egelman, who studies the usability of privacy and security systems, including improving the framing of security messaging to improve compliance; and Jen King, whose research focuses on privacy and human-computer interaction, particularly why people disclose personal information to companies.

 The video of the meeting can be viewed below. To learn more about Privacy Lab, see https:///wiki.mozilla.org/Privacy/Privacy_Lab. Recordings of previous events can be found at https:///air.mozilla.org/channels/privacy/.