CLTC Explainer Video: “Zero Trust”

The latest video in the Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity's "What? So What? Now What" explainer series focuses on "Zero Trust," an approach to digital security that is becoming an industry standard because it is well-suited for for the era of cloud computing.

Security and Privacy Risks in an Era of Hybrid Work

Security and Privacy Risks in an Era of Hybrid Work examines emerging privacy and security issues attached to hybrid work environments, drawing on proceedings from a workshop convened by the Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity, as well as interviews with security, policy, human resources, and other leaders from private firms and government agencies.

Cyber Oversight Effectiveness Development: A New Approach for Boards of Directors

Developed by CLTC in partnership with Tapestry Networks and King & Spalding, this report introduces a new framework, Cyber Oversight Effectiveness Development (COED), that aims to help boards of directors become more resilient and adaptive in their oversight of cyber risk.

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