Grant / January 2022

Deadlines for International Cooperation in AI


Artificial intelligence (AI) is a field that promises to fundamentally change human society. Researchers, policymakers, and practitioners largely agree that AI could provide immense benefit to humanity; however, it also poses significant risks. As we speed towards the former, we may inadvertently and irrevocably be committing ourselves to the latter.

Although our society is in the midst of a robust discussion about AI regulation, verification, and monitoring — all in the name of forestalling the risks associated with AI — many parties have yet to commit themselves to serious and verifiable boundaries in AI development. This raises an important question: when will it be too late? This project aims to answer that question by systematically reviewing the risks associated with AI, and our progress towards installing policy mechanisms to avoid those risks. In recognition of the global impact of AI, this research will focus on international cooperation between nation-states.

The product of this work will describe deadlines for international cooperation on AI. These deadlines will evaluate the risks from AI itself, as well as cultural risks that will make implementation of effective AI policy more difficult. By providing policymakers and researchers with deadlines, this research will help with policy prioritization and instill a sense of urgency in discussions around AI policy.

Findings, Papers, and Presentations