Grant / August 2019

Privacy Engineering: Education and Training

Preparing cybersecurity professionals for the workforce requires educating and training said professionals in both security and privacy. Cybersecurity curricula in the US are lacking a technical privacy syllabus, often dubbed Privacy Engineering. To bridge this gap, we have been working for the last few years to build a foundational course in Privacy Engineering, at a graduate level. The course—Introduction to Privacy Engineering—was filmed and is ready to be piloted as an advanced course in the Master of Information and Cybersecurity (MICS) program in the School of Information at UC Berkeley. The work, however, is just getting started. Further iterations of course development are necessary in order to polish the course to its final version, based on the experience from the first pilot offering. Furthermore, resources are needed in order to offer the same course in the School of Information and College of Engineering as an offline graduate-level course.