Synthetix is a solution for privacy and data protection that will promote privacy as a human right. The application is integrated into web browsers and mobile devices to provide anonymity and multiple privacy features. Synthetix creates unlimited working phone numbers, email addresses, and fictitious identities to protect personal information and secure online activities from cyber threats and their possible physical implications, phishing, and data theft. The system includes Machine Learning technology for intelligent profiling and AES standards and honey encryption for password authentication and personal information security. The project’s idea is to create a synthetic internet profile for private online activities and browsing, allowing users to use the internet anonymously without leaving a digital footprint or being tracked. Users can create their synthetic profile with fictitious information or use a machine learning model to auto-generate a fictitious profile. This extra layer of security ensures that the user’s real identity remains hidden. Users can also choose the type of data they want to share with websites, providing a tailored browsing experience. Our tool provides increased safety for vulnerable individuals targeted by predators. When Synthetix secures CLTC funding, our team can engage in legal risk and privacy design consulting outside UC Berkeley’s network. Consultation ensures guidance in the best industry standards, practices, and policies. Given a shift in privacy prioritization, Synthetix is excited to empower users and explore the implications of privacy-enhancing tools.