Grant / January 2020

Using Multidisciplinary Design to Improve AI/ML Cybersecurity Scenarios


The overarching research question guiding this project is: How can multidisciplinary design methods, perspectives, and forms be applied to improve existing artificial intelligence (AI) cybersecurity scenarios, predictions, and extrapolations produced by researchers, market analysts, government organizations, and industry experts? This research will begin by collecting and carefully reviewing and organizing existing academic, industry, and government reports, articles, and publications that involve scenarios, proposals, and predictions for AI cybersecurity. This research will then use design to expand and refine these scenarios. A set of scenarios will be produced in the form of print and digital images, text, animations, videos, and multimedia formats. These scenarios will then be used to engage in further conversations with experts and non-experts in the areas of AI and cybersecurity, law, policy, political science, technology, design, and ethics. The scenarios will then be collaboratively refined and documented through a publicly available online repository as well as print publications.

Research Findings and Presentations