Grant / January 2021

Leveraging the communicative, social and health benefits of drumming in early childhood


The purpose of this project is to create a platform for embodied learning that builds the capacity of parents and teachers to interact with young learners’ in ways that helps them understand and acquire the skills necessary for multimodal meaning-making and active social-emotional engagement via rhythm. The objectives of the project are to design, implement and disseminate a system using machine learning and sensing technologies to gamify literacy skills development via rhythm and movement. This global community of practice will connect learners of all ages through rhythm as the common language and aims to create a bridge for children to learn, compete and have fun together. Parents and teachers could use it at home, in the classroom, outside in the community (playgrounds, parks), to encourage their language and social-emotional development so they can track the children’s improvement over time.

Findings, Papers, and Presentations